Are You Being Mis-sold a Heat Pump?

As a business that trades on its reputation and tries to operate ethically, we thought we should highlight some of the mis-selling practices that we are increasingly coming across in the industry.

We take 5-6 enquiries a month from customers who have been approached by ‘dodgy’ heat pump installers – their sales approach and offer looks something like this:


The customer has been cold-called

Exaggerated Energy Saving Calculations

They have been told they will make substantial energy cost savings against their existing heating system irrespective of what fuel their existing heating system uses

Promised Excessive Subsidies

They are promised excessive subsidies under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

Overpriced and Oversized

The heat pump system proposed (generally air source) is substantially overpriced, sometimes by as much as 200%, and the heat pump is often substantially oversized

Persuasive Selling Strategy

In the worst cases the salesman will ‘door-step’ the customer and try to coerce the customer into signing a contract there and then.


How Do You Know?

Mains Gas           If you have mains gas to your property then a heat pump system is unlikely to make financial sense for you – running costs for mains gas heating systems are similar to heat pump systems and have been for the last 5 years.

Subsidy Promises            As of September 2017 the Renewable Heat Incentive for domestic installations has beene capped. In practice this means that maximum subsidies for air source heat pumps will be in the region of £1,500 per annum and for ground source will be in the region of £4,300 per annum, both paid for 7 years.

Heat Pump Pricing          Current typical supply and installation prices for an air source heating system (excluding any radiator changes), including hot water and using a high quality heat pump with a 7 year warranty, are somewhere in the region of:

8 kW                      – £9,500

12 kW                    – £10,500

16 kW                    – £11,500

For heating only installations, around £1,500 can be taken off these prices.

Equivalent output ground source prices are in the region of 50-70% higher, excluding the groundworks.

If you are being quoted substantially more then you are probably being mis-sold.

If you are being quoted substantially less then:

  • It is probably not a quality heat pump
  • It will probably not be installed to a decent standard
  • You probably won’t be able to contact your installer in 6 months’ time due to poor post-installation service or even liquidation!


Installers you can trust…

If you have any doubts please give us a call:

– Advice based on our expertise and experience is always freely given

– We don’t do pressure sales

– We won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t do ourselves.


*Figures quoted are correct as at September 2017

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