Six Ways To Cut Your Heating Costs

Energy Saving Tips

If your winter heating bill has left you feeling anything but warm inside, then it’s time to look at the best ways to save money on your home heating. Here’s our top tips on how to cut your heating costs.  

1. Don’t Let Your £££ Escape Through The Cracks

One of the most important ways to cut your home heating bill is to improve your homes heat-storing efficiency. Older homes especially suffer with poor insulation, draughty-doors and whistling-windows that are literally letting your money escape through the cracks. Improving your homes insulation can be a big job, but the savings, as well as the improved comfort, are noticeable immediately. While adding a liner to your letterbox won’t make a massive difference to your heating bill, every little helps. Start with ensuring your loft is sufficiently insulated, and then look at everything from A-rated double glazing to easy-to-install draught excluders on your doors.   

What Can You Save?

A lot depends on the current heat-storing efficiency of your home, but a well-insulated loft can save homeowners over £200 a year. 

2. Get Smart

You’ve probably heard of ‘Nest’ and ‘Hive’, two of the most popular smart thermostats on the market – but what makes a smart thermostat ‘smart’? Like other ‘smart’ devices, they’re connected through the internet and an app to allow you more precise home heating control. Not only can you use your mobile to turn on and off your heating (even when you’re away from home), but a smart thermostat can save you money on your heating bill by intelligently adjusting the temperature depending on which room you use the most.  

What Can You Save?

A smart thermostat can save you up to £100 or more on your home heating bill every year. 

3. Drop A Degree

Even if you don’t install a smart thermostat in your home, it pays to manually check and adjust the temperature your thermostat is set at.  Dropping the temperature even by one degree can result in noticeable savings on your annual home heating bill, without making a difference to your comfort.  

What Can You Save?

You can save up to £100 a year just by dropping the temperature by one degree on your thermostat.  

4. Monitor Your Meter

Smart thermostats aren’t the only smart move you can make; a smart meter is also an excellent way of dropping your home heating bill. Rather than waiting for your bill to arrive through the letterbox, a smart meter will allow you to keep an eye on how much energy you’re using and identify any energy-heavy appliances.  

What Can You Save?

The savings vary, but the extra insights and information will help you to be more cost and usage-aware.  

5. Upgrade Your Boiler

If you have an old boiler in your home, especially one that is 15 years or older, then don’t wait to upgrade to a new efficient boiler. While your old non-condensing boiler might have let some heat and energy escape through the flue, an energy efficient condensing boiler captures some of that heat and puts it right back into your home heating system.   

What Can You Save?

Some homeowners have seen savings of more than £300 a year on their home heating bill with a new boiler. 

6. Switch to Sustainable

One of the best ways to save on your home heating bill is to make the move to a renewable energy source. Not only is there still time to benefit from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, but the savings on your annual heating bill can be amazing. Both air-source and ground-source heat pumps work by transferring heat from outside (either from the air or the ground) to your home by heating refrigerant filled pipes and compressing the resulting gas into a heat exchanger. That heat can then be used to warm the air or water in your home.  

What Can You Save?

Compared to a heating system that uses oil, a ground source heat pump can save you £300 annually, and an air source heat pump can save you £200 or more annually.

For more information on how Trusted Energy Solutions and reusable energy can help save you money, contact us today.

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