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Five Reasons to Install a Heat Pump in Your New Build

Don’t wait for 2025 to bring your home in line with the Government’s Future Home Standards. We take a look at what the Standards mean for new builds, and why it doesn’t make sense to delay installing a heat pump in your new build.

Future Home Standards – What Are They?

As explained by the UK government website, the “Future Homes Standard will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency; it will be introduced by 2025.” Simply put, to reach goals of lower emissions, the government has put in place new standards for any new home builds. Over the next few years, new builds will be held to increasing lower-emission standards. By 2025 new homes need to produce 75-80% less carbon than homes built under current regulations. Key to reaching this target is the installation of renewable low-carbon heating sources, and energy-efficient insulation.

Whether you’re in the dreaming or the planning stage of a new build, here’s our top five reasons why it makes sense to install a heat pump now, rather than later.  

Five Reasons to Install a Heat Pump on Your New Build

1. Renewable Is Doable – You don’t have to be a tree-house-living hippy to invest in green energy. In fact, research shows ‘going green’ is a must, not a maybe. And with more investment and more interest in renewable heating sources than ever before, there has never been a simpler time to install a low-carbon-emission heat pump in your home. 

2. Show Me the Green – Installing a heat pump isn’t only about being earth kind, it is also wallet kind. There are more heating pump options than ever on the market, and Trusted Energy can help you choose the most economical for your new build. Although the initial outlay is often higher than some ‘traditional’ heating sources, an air-source or ground-source heat pump combined with improved insulation can result in significant savings on annual energy bills. 

3. Build It In, Don’t Add It On – Especially if you are considering installing a ground source heat pump, it makes both economical and practical sense to plan it as part of a new build, rather than installing it later. Because ground source heat pumps involve some digging, it can save you time and money to plan any earthmoving into an early stage in the build process. 

4. All-Season Savings – Despite the name, ‘heat’ pumps aren’t just for keeping you warm through the winter but can be just as good for keeping you cool in summer. Not only can it improve the quality of life for the homeowner year-round, but can also add value to your list price.

5. Healthy Home – A roaring open fire might look good in Downton Abbey, but is far from healthy in your home. Not only are traditional heating sources (like wood and coal stoves and fireplaces) bad for the environment and your carbon footprint, they also can have serious long term health effects, especially in poorly ventilated homes. 

For more information on how Trusted Energy Solutions and reusable energy can help save you money, contact us today.

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