• Case Study Factory - Solar PV - Trusted Energy

Basic Information

Solar PV and Ground Source Heat Pump for two factory units of an electrical controls manufacturing company

521 sqm roof

576 sqm floor area

  • 17kW NIBE F1145 Ground Source Heat Pump and NIBE 300l hot water cylinder and 300l buffer tank
  • Solar PV 35kW – JA Solar panels and Fronius Inverters: 1 x 10kW, 1 x 25kW
  • Qualified for FiT
  • Qualified for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive
  • High cost off-set from electrical costs
  • Solar PV Benefits
    • FiT benefits: estimated £4,200 a year for 20 years
    • Electricity savings: estimated £2,210 a year
  • GSHP Benefits
    • Renewable Heat Incentive benefit: estimated at £2,900 a year for 20 years
    • Fuel savings: estimated £560 a year
  • Total combined savings: £195,600 in the first 20 years
  • Total investment: £127,200 in the first 20 years
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