Prepare Now for Winter

Cut Your Costs and Increase Your Comfort

Heating your home this winter could cost more than ever before. So much in fact, that The Financial Times reports, ‘UK households face a 65 per cent increase in their gas and electricity bills this winter to more than £3,200 a year’. As gloomy an outlook as that is, if you prepare now for winter, make good use of government grants, and invest in renewable heating, you could end up not only spending a lot less this winter, but having a more comfortable one too.

Five Top Tips to Plan Now for Winter

  1. Improve Your Insulation – If your home is letting out heat from badly insulated walls, windows, doors, or roofs, then you’re letting your hard-earned money escape through the cracks. Whether you choose to DIY your insulation improvements or get a professional in, this is the first place to start when it comes to preparing for winter.  
  2. Shop Around for A Better Deal – Depending on where you live and what’s available in your area, now’s the time to check you have the most cost effective energy supplier. Simply changing supplier could help you save money this winter. 
  3. Upgrade Your Heating Pump – Old oil and gas radiators can be very inefficient when it comes to heating. With an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump you can save significant amounts on your energy bill and have a much more efficient heating source in your home. And there’s never been a better time to upgrade. Not only did the government recently introduce the Boiler Upgrade Scheme with potential capital grants of up to £6000 to lower the cost of the installation, but this Spring they also reduced VAT on qualifying system installations to 0%.  
  4. Underfloor Offers More – Underfloor heating has numerous advantages over traditional radiators. Not only is it more efficient but it operates at a lower temperature; and by heating evenly it creates a more comfortable ambient environment. Combine your underfloor heating system with a new heat pump and you’ll feel the difference this winter.  
  5. Solar Power – Qualifying systems not only benefit from the governments zero VAT announcement but also have the potential to earn money through the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) by selling excess back into the grid. While you’ll inevitably get the best results from your panels in summer, solar can prove to be very effective even in winter.  

Why You Should Invest Now for Winter

While blocking the draught below your door is a cheap fix, we know that a brand-new solar system, underfloor heating installation, or upgraded heat pump is a significant initial outlay. Here’s our top four reasons why it’s worth the investment:  

  1. Year on Year Savings. Factoring in the scary rise in energy prices, the potential for government grants, and the long warranties offered on a professional solar or upgraded heat pump installation, your system could end up paying for itself. By improving your home’s heating and energy system you’re not just preparing for this winter but looking to the future.
  2. Kinder to the Environment. Record breaking temperatures and mega fires point to climate change accelerating out of control. Changing your heating to one with a smaller carbon footprint is a meaningful way to help reduce your impact on the environment. 
  3. It’s Not Just for Winter With rising temperatures throughout the UK this summer keeping your house cool is now as much a priority as keeping it warm in winter. By installing an upgraded air or ground source heat pump you can enjoy energy-efficient cooling in the summer and warming in the winter from the same system.  
  4. Better for You. Staying warm this winter is better for your body and your mind. Ensuring you have good ventilation and an efficient heating system can help lower your risk of some seasonal sicknesses and can improve your mental health. By planning ahead now you can help reduce the stress that comes from increasing energy costs.

Reach out to our expert team to discover how Trusted Energy Solutions and reusable energy can save you money. 

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