PV Solar Panels and Battery Systems

Solar PV Can Save You Money

Since 2011, Trusted Energy has provided specialist energy services to homes, offices and community buildings throughout the Midlands.

Millions of houses in the UK have already opted for solar PV on their roofs and reduced their electricity costs significantly. Will you be one of them?

There are many reasons for using Solar PV panels on your home, either as a new build or retro fitted.

  • Low cost, low carbon electricity generation
  • Typically around 8-10% pa return
  • Payback of investment within 10-12 years
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long manufacturer warranties
  • Adds value to your home

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Why Contact Trusted Energy?

Starting with just a short telephone call to understand your requirements, a free, no obligation consultation and quote is a great way to find out how Trusted Energy can help you save money and energy.

How Do Trusted Energy Work?

Step 1

We discuss your project requirements and survey your property.

Step 2

We propose recommended solutions, costs and returns and continue to consult through the decision-making process.

Step 3

You appoint us; we project manage, install and commission, as well as help you claim subsidies and grants.

Step 4

With 2 year insurance backed workmanship warranty as standard & free extended manufacturer backed warranty on many products, we are here to maintain and service.

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Solar panels are designed to generate as much electricity as possible from the sun’s rays. Using the latest technology, the panels are available in a variety of sizes to fit your home.

Solar panels continue to generate electricity from sunlight, even on snowy, cloudy or rainy days
– and we have a lot of those in the UK!

Long warranties ensure an 80% performance after 20 years. As fuel prices continue to increase, you can benefit from renewable energy for years to come.

Electricity generated can be used directly in the home, put back into the grid, or stored for later use. Battery systems can store your power until you need it.

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Why Use PV Solar Panels?

  • Save Money: Reduce the cost of your energy bills and add value to your property.
  • Get Paid for the Electricity you Generate: Take advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee and receive compensation for excess electricity generation.
  • Little/No User Intervention: Utilises energy generated from the sun to supply electricity to your home with no interruptions.
  • Renewable: Solar Panels generate low CO2 electricity from free sunshine.
  • Minimal Maintenance: As solar panels have no moving parts, very little service and maintenance is required
  • Long Warranties: PV panel life expectancy is 25+ years normally supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty, which assures an 80% performance after 20 years.

Why Use Trusted Energy Solutions?

Trusted Energy Customers 2023

We are specialist and experienced PV solar panel and battery installers with installations all over the East Midlands.

Trusted Energy has been installing renewable energy and heating systems since 2011 and has grown substantially during that period, largely as a consequence of referrals from satisfied customers. We operate from the Sherwood Energy Village with modern office and storage facilities which allow us to grow and efficiently manage the business.

We have helped numerous business and residential customers in the region save energy, save money and stay legal with many projects including a wide range of technologies in a variety of combinations and settings.

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We would love to hear from you. For new installations we offer a free initial consultation and site survey with no high pressure sales.

Use the contact form to send us your query, or call us on 01636 555 011 . Our consultancy always starts with a short telephone conversation to understand your needs.

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