What are Ground Source Heat Pumps?

Ground source heat pumps operate on the same principle as air source heat pumps, but extract heat form the soil. During the summer solar energy penetrates, and is stored in, the ground. This is either directly absorbed or is carried in as heat from rain / percolating groundwater. The heat is extracted from the soil by means of a collector (buried plastic tubing) either in horizontal runs around 1m deep or in boreholes. An environmentally-friendly, non-freezing mix of water and glycol circulates through the tubing; this absorbs heat from the ground which is then carried back for use in the heat pump. The highest yield can be obtained from soil with high water content as this maximises thermal contact with the collector.

Inside the heat pump there are several key components that take the collected heat from the ground and convert it for heat in the home:

  • In the evaporator heat energy is transferred from the glycol to a closed circuit of refrigerant liquid which circulates inside the heat pump – the refrigerant will then evaporate and change state to a gas.
  • The refrigerant gas is carried into a compressor which substantially increases the pressure and hence the temperature of the refrigerant (Boyle’s Law).
  • In the condenser the heat is extracted, the hot refrigerant gas is cooled and condenses back to a liquid. The heat energy is transferred from the refrigerant to the heating or hot water system of the house.
  • The expansion valve releases the pressure on the refrigerant and the cycle starts again.
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  • Ground Source Diagram - Trusted Energy
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  • Ground Source Installation - Trusted Energy

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Why use a Ground Source Heat Pump?

The main benefit of a heat pump is that for every unit of electricity used to power the compressor, the heat pump will typically output 3-4 units of heat – making them 300-400% efficient. This compares to efficiencies of 85-95% for traditional heating systems.

The precise level of heat pump efficiency is dictated by a number of factors including:

  • the quality of, and technology employed in, the heat pump
  • the temperature of the heat source used to evaporate the refrigerant
  • the required output temperature to the house heating system

The main advantage of ground source heat pumps over air source is that efficiencies are higher due to the fact that the temperature of the glycol coming back to the heat pump tends to be much more stable, and in the winter much higher than the air – the ground below the frost line tends to stay much warmer than the air.

The very high efficiency of heat pumps means that running costs are generally lower than other fuels off the mains gas grid e.g. oil, LPG, electric boilers and solid fuel.

Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pump

  • Minimal maintenance required (annual checks of safety systems, operational efficiency, cleaning of filters, heating distribution system check etc)
  • Long warranties for quality products – up to 7 years for some of the products we install
  • Improved levels of comfort – heat pumps are normally designed to match the heat losses from your property and maintain a stable internal temperature – not to deal with substantial swings in temperature from letting the property get cold as is often the case with traditional heating systems
  • Little / no user intervention – no fuel deliveries
  • Could provide you with an income through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Uses a fuel which is aligned with the UKs energy strategy which will increasingly move away from dwindling fossil fuels

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