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Revolutionise Comfort with MVHR Heat Recovery

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and comfort for your home or business with our advanced ventilation system. Experience the perfect balance of fresh, filtered air and energy conservation as our MVHR technology recovers and redistributes heat effectively. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to a healthier, more sustainable environment. 

Trust Us to Install your Mechanical Ventilation

with Heat Recovery

Trusted Energy Solutions is committed to delivering solutions that prioritise your well-being and environmental responsibility. With MVHR, you can breathe easy knowing that you’re investing in a smarter, greener future.
Certified Quality Assurance

Backed by MCS, RECC, Gas Safe, and ELECSA certifications, trust in our commitment to safety and reliability,

Trusted Service

Count on us for efficient, affordable, and sustainable heating solutions backed by passion and commitment to the environment.

Pioneers of Renewable Solutions

With hundreds of successful installations, we're the trusted choice for renewable heating in the East Midlands.

Renewable Energy Experts

Over a decade of experience in renewable heating solutions for reliable and efficient installations.

The benefits

Whisper-quiet operation, ensuring peaceful living spaces 

Substantially improved air quality throughout the property

Significant energy savings

Save on bills with MVHR’s low running costs

Low maintenance, high performance: MVHR delivers hassle-free ventilation for long-term comfort and efficiency

Enjoy ease of mind as we’ve installed over 50 MVHR installations in 5 years.

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