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Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Stay informed on the UK’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme—grants up to £7500 for eco-friendly heating.

0% VAT on Battery Storage Systems

The UK Government’s recent announcement of a 0% VAT on battery storage systems brings significant benefits for home owners and businesses.

Five Reasons to Choose Trusted Energy Solutions

Take a look at the top five reasons to trust us with your renewable heating project.

The Best Solar Energy Products for Your Home​

Discover the power of the sun with solar panels – the ultimate solution for sustainable living and slashing utility bills! 

Maintenance at Trusted Energy

Expert heat pump installations and maintenance, ensuring efficient, long-lasting performance and peace of mind with our 3-year workmanship warranty.

A Guide to Heating Your Self-Build

Our guide explores efficient heating options like renewable systems, ventilation solutions, and solar panels, supported by Trusted Energy’s expert advice every step of the way.

Six Ways To Cut Your Heating Costs

Learn how to trim your winter heating bill and keep your home snug with these energy-saving tips, from sealing cracks to embracing smart thermostats and sustainable heating solutions.

A Spotlight on MVHR

Discover the wonders of MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, transforming building ventilation to boost energy efficiency and indoor air quality, essential for homes and businesses across the UK.

Comfort & Efficiency with Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Explore the marvels of air conditioning, offering cooling comfort and efficient heating solutions for your home or business in today’s climate-conscious world.

Do Solar Panels Work When It's Cloudy?

From generating electricity on cloudy days to dispelling myths about winter and nighttime operation, explore the practicalities and benefits of solar energy for your home with Trusted Energy Solutions.

Four Ways to Help Fossil Fuels Go Extinct

Explore why it’s time to part ways with oil and gas reliance in our latest blog and discovering practical steps towards a sustainable future.

Harnessing the Sun​

Top solar solutions for your home, in our latest blog we explore the opportunities to harness solar energy and maximise sustainability. 

Heat & Cool Your Home with an Air-to-Air Heat Pump

Explore the advantages of air-to-air heat pumps as a sustainable heating and cooling solution for homes and businesses, harnessing outdoor air’s natural warmth to efficiently warm indoor spaces in winter and cool them in summer.

Heat Pumps for New Builds

Discover why installing a heat pump in your new build is a smart move, aligning with the Government’s Future Home Standards and ensuring energy efficiency from the start, avoiding the need for upgrades later on.

Maintenance at Trusted Energy

Benefit from over 30 years of expertise with Trusted Energy’s comprehensive servicing and maintenance solutions for heat pumps, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your investment in renewable energy.

Prepare Now for Winter

Prepare for winter by cutting costs and increasing comfort with government grants and investments in renewable heating, as we share five top tips to ensure a more efficient and affordable season ahead.

Should I Replace My Gas Boiler?

Consider a heat pump now for your heating needs, with evolving government policies and energy price guarantees pointing to significant savings and environmental benefits, alongside current incentives such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

Underfloor Heating and Renewable Energy

Explore the seamless blend of comfort and sustainability with underfloor heating and renewable energy sources, offering lower operating temperatures, reduced carbon emissions, energy independence, and long-term cost savings.

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