A Guide to Heating Your Self-Build

Plan to Save

Building your own home is both exciting and rewarding but it can be stressful at times! Effective planning can relieve some of the pressure later down the line and can make sure you save money both now and in the future.

One major decision is how you will heat your home and keep it at the perfect climate. Should you install a boiler or opt for a renewable heating system? Should you rely on your own electricity with solar panels? Is MVHR an effective ventilation system?

The choice is all yours but the good news is that you’re not on your own. In this guide we will highlight some of the services and heating options you may want to consider when building your own home and how we at Trusted Energy can offer valuable advice from experienced professionals. 

Consider Renewable

There are now more renewable options than ever before and they are becoming increasingly popular as people look for sustainable and efficient ways to heat their homes.  

It’s also important to note that it is actually about to become a requirement for new builds after 2025. The Future Homes Standard, explained by the UK government here, states that all newly built homes from 2025 will require future-proofing with low carbon heating and high levels of energy efficiency.

Whether or not your home is due to be built after 2025, low-carbon heating, such as Air-Source and Ground-Source heat pump systems are worth considering. There are also heat pump grants available, such as the government’s BUS scheme which gives up-front payments to subsidise the initial cost. 

Reuse your Heat

Another great way to save on your energy bills is to rescue the warm air leaving your home and use it to warm fresh air coming in. Insulation can be so effective in new builds that it is almost too good, trapping stale air inside and reducing air quality.  

Ventilation is the answer but releasing your warm air into the outside and replacing it with fresh air is a waste of the heat you’ve paid to generate. This is where a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) System can improve air quality whilst recovering the warmth from the leaving air and transferring this heat to cold air coming in. Keeping your home fresh, improving air quality and saving you money.  

A new build is the perfect time to plan to install a MVHR system, with a blank canvas and the space available, you can install this ventilation simply and easily. 

Generate Your Own Electricity

With the massive increase in energy prices over the last year, many of us have been looking for ways to reduce our bills or alleviate our reliance on these services. Solar PV Panels are a perfect way to generate your own electricity from the sun.  

When building your own home, it’s a great time to plan the best use of panels and their positioning to ensure you save the most money on your electricity bills. Solar panels are also a perfect partner with a heat pump, reducing costs further and helping you generate heat efficiently. Trusted Energy Solutions can advise on the best solar options for you and also how you can combine renewable energy systems economically. 

A Helping Hand from the Experts

Here at Trusted Energy we can alleviate some of the stress of a self-build by working closely with architects from the planning through to the implementation and the install. Taking care of a combination of systems under one roof, reducing the need to involve multiple contractors and sub-contractors leading to miscommunication. 

With so many options available and whatever type of renewable energy you choose… we always aim to give unbiased and impartial advice, explain how technologies work and integrate (or don’t!), and try to keep things simple, cost effective and fit for purpose. We believe that the key element of our sales process is to educate the customer to enable them to make an informed decision.  

Contact us today for free, impartial advice on your new build. 

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