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What is Solar PV?

Since their first commercial deployment in space in 1964 one of the most successful technologies in the 21st century is Solar Photovoltaic panels generating low CO2 electricity from free sunshine.

Millions of houses in the UK have retrofitted solar PV on their roofs and reduced their electricity costs significantly. Sadly the Government backed Feed-in Tariff has now been ceased, but a reasonable return can still be made from solar PV, particularly if significant roof works are part of your project.

A typical domestic installation comprises 10-24 solar PV panels, an inverter (handling the connection between the panels and the home electrical system and grid) and generation meter. Normally the panels are fixed on the roof, the inverter is in the garage or your loft and the meter close to your fuse board.

The PV panel life expectancy is 25+ years normally supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty, which assures an 80% performance after 20 years. Inverters typically have a 5 or 10 year warranty.

Why use Solar PV?

There are many reasons for using Solar PV panels on your home, either as a new build or retro fitted.

  • Low cost, low carbon electricity generation
  • Typically around 8-10% pa return
  • Payback of investment within 10-12 years
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long manufacturer warranties
  • Adds value to your home

Solax Solar Panels

Battery Storage

Solar panels transform the sun’s energy into power for our homes, but solar batteries enable us to store it for those times when the sun isn’t around. This technology means we can store more of the free energy produced by our panels and buy less from energy suppliers, saving money and increasing our independence from the National Grid.

As solar technology continues to progress many modern systems also incorporate smart technology such as apps and Wifi so you can easily monitor the battery’s charge level and general efficiency.

Our efficient solutions enable you to store the energy generated by your solar system for usage at any time night or day.

Our favoured battery manufacturer is Solax, of which we are comprehensively trained in every aspect of their products – from Hybrid Inverters to Triple Power batteries!

As an accredited Solax Premium installer we can offer top notch workmanship and knowledge at competitive prices to ensure the most efficient and cost effective system is specified for the job.

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