Underfloor Heating

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating (UFH) uses warm heating water running through pipework under the floor, the warmth then radiates and convects from the floor into the room – heating the room from the floor up. This works more efficiently and gives greater comfort than traditional heating radiators which tend to heat the room from the ceiling down.

Underfloor heating tends to require lower water temperatures than radiator systems and so is particularly well suited to work with heat pumps which are more efficient at lower temperatures. With high temperature heat sources such as biomass, gas or oil boilers the heating fluid normally has to be mixed down in temperature.

There are many different types of underfloor system to cover all floor constructions including:

  • clipped pipe in screed
  • plastic / polystyrene over-lays
  • MDF overlays
  • structural chipboard systems for suspended floors
  • spreader plates.

This allows installation of UFH in all types building. eg new build, retrofits and commercial. Our solutions frequently involve a mix of underfloor heating and traditional radiator systems (new and existing).

We have experience in most types of UFH systems, are able to advise and design the best solutions to meet your needs and will specify products from 2-3 quality suppliers that we know and trust.

Why use Underfloor Heating?

  • Heats from the floor up – creating a comfortable and constant temperature between the floor and ceiling (great if you suffer from cold feet!)
  • Runs at a lower temperature and therefore potentially more efficiently than radiators (particularly with heat pumps) dependent on the design.
  • Flexibility of room layout – wall space not taken up by radiators

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