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Discover Air-to-Air Heat Pumps for Sustainable Comfort

With Air-to-Air heat pumps, immerse yourself in the essence of sustainable climate control. Anticipate unparalleled efficiency and comfort as we redefine the way you experience heating and cooling.

Enjoy benefits such as whisper-quiet operation, customisable settings for precise temperature control, and seamless integration into any living or working space. Say hello to eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions that prioritise both your comfort and the planet’s well-being.

Trust Us to Install your Air-to-Air Heat Pump

Air Con, also known as air to air heat pumps, serves as both cooling systems and low-cost, efficient heating alternatives. They circulate refrigeration gas through outdoor units, transferring heat into or out of the outdoor air. This gas then flows through copper tubes to fan convectors indoors, cooling or heating the air in the room. With efficiencies exceeding 300% on electricity, they offer a greener and more economical heating option compared to traditional boilers, particularly in smaller homes. 

Trust our expertise to install your system seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance and lasting comfort for your space

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Backed by MCS, RECC, Gas Safe, and ELECSA certifications, trust in our commitment to safety and reliability,

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Count on us for efficient, affordable, and sustainable heating solutions backed by passion and commitment to the environment.

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With hundreds of successful installations, we're the trusted choice for renewable heating in the East Midlands.

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Over a decade of experience in renewable heating solutions for reliable and efficient installations.

The benefits

Provide both heating and cooling- offering both heating and cooling capabilities in a single system.

Highly efficient – 300% or greater

Environmentally Friendly- contribute to a greener environment by using renewable energy sources 

Easy Installation & Lower Maintenance – lower maintenance needs and reduced service costs over time. 

Improved Air Quality – filters that remove dust, allergens, and pollutants from the indoor air.

Zoning Capabilities -control the temperature of individual rooms or zones independently.

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