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Air Con or Air to Air?

Most people will be familiar with air conditioning systems but will be less aware that they are also known as air to air heat pumps. As a technology for us they offer 2 solutions to meet customer needs:

  1. The traditional use as a cooling solution – increasingly in demand as our summers get hotter.
  2. Less obviously as a low cost and efficient low carbon heating alternative to traditional boilers, mainly in smaller homes.

How does Air Conditioning work?

These systems work by either running a refrigeration or reverse refrigeration cycle in the outdoor unit, either dumping or extracting heat into the outdoor air.

The cold or hot refrigeration gas is then piped in small diameter copper tubes to fan convectors in the property which then circulate the air in the room through the convector to cool or heat it.

Cooling or heating cycles both work off electricity at 300% efficiencies or more. This makes the heating cycle in particular a very attractive low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuel boilers and substantially cheaper to run than pure electric boilers. The systems are also substantially cheaper to buy and install than air to water heat pumps, although they do not attract the same government subsidies.

Where can Air to Air Heat Pumps be used?

The systems are often used to heat or cool one room (bedroom, small office, shop, conservatory etc) but a single outdoor unit can be connected to several internal fan convectors.

This makes them a suitable heating and cooling solution for 4-5 room properties when combined with an electric boiler or cylinder for domestic hot water production.

Panasonic Wall Mounted BZ
Trusted Energy Panasonic Air Con

What are the ongoing costs?

Air conditioning / air to air heat pumps must be installed and maintained by qualified F-gas (fluorinated gas) engineers operating for a certified business.

Trusted Energy Solutions is a certified business directly employing our own qualified engineers.

Trusted Energy Solutions generally partner with Panasonic for these systems but are also able to work with other manufacturers if required.

Trust Us for your Air Conditioning / Air to Air Heat Pumps

The key features of Air to Air Heat Pumps:

  • Provide both heating and cooling
  • Very efficient to operate – 300% or more
  • Low carbon heating solution (particularly with a green electricity tariff)
  • Low cost to install and operate
  • Excellent in combination with solar panels 
  • Panasonic – improved air quality, smart controls, super quiet
Aircon / Air to Air Heat Pump

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