Underfloor Heating

Six Ways It Can Improve Your Home

From the simple joys of waking up to warm winter floors to the peace-of-mind of a system that’s designed for low maintenance and money saving, installing underfloor heating can improve your home in many ways. We look at our top six reasons to install underfloor heating.  

Heating From the Ground Up. If you’re heating your home with traditional radiators, you’ll know it can get unbearably hot when you’re too close to the radiator and too cold if you’re on the other side of the room. You might even end up opening a window near the radiator to try and get fresh air in and to let some of the heat out! Underfloor heating changes that. The underfloor heating system evenly heats your entire room from the floor up to create a pleasant, less dry, and more even ambient temperature

Easy to Maintain. Depending on your current heating system you might need to perform regular maintenance tasks to keep it operating optimally, or more likely to call a plumber in to do it for you. Underfloor heating, especially those that use electric heat mats, require little to no maintenance. Once installed you can just enjoy the improved comfort without worrying about an emergency plumber call out.  

Save Money and Add Value. Traditional radiators not only are often inefficient when it comes to heating a room, they are also often more expensive to run than a new underfloor heating installation. While radiators need to be heated to 70 degrees Celsius or more to be effective, underfloor heating starts to do its job at 29 degrees Celsius or less. Combine your underfloor heating with an air or ground source heat pump and you can see significant money saving on your annual heating bill. Not only that, but if you’re moving house then your underfloor heating could add value to your asking price.

More Control. Take control of your home heating with smart thermostat-controlled underfloor heating. Modern smart thermostats allow you degree perfect control and can be controlled remotely. Whether you want to warm your home up for your arrival after work or to make sure the house is warm in the morning, a smart thermostat controlled underfloor heating system makes it simple.  

Simpler Installation. Underfloor heating systems are less complicated to install than you might think. With installations possible in just a few days, underfloor heating is suitable for new builds and retrofitting.  

Different Rooms, Different Benefits. Underfloor heating has benefits all over the home. Install it in your basement or garage to keep it drier, reduce damp, and make it a better place for storage or more inviting to work in. Get underfloor heating for your kitchen and make any dinner preparation marathons more enjoyable. In the bedroom underfloor heating can help you sleep better with a more even and controllable temperature. The lounge can become an even cosier space with the addition of underfloor heating. And you can’t beat the feeling of stepping out the shower or the bath onto a warm bathroom floor.

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