10 Reasons To Install An Air Source or Ground Source Heating Pump

10 Reasons Why You Should Go Green With Your Home Heating

How A Heat Pump Can Improve Your Home

There are so many reasons to change to renewable energy, from wanting to save money to wanting to help the environment.

  • Money, Money, Money – It’s a rare day that a brown envelope from the government has good news inside, but if you qualify for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme they will literally pay you back for your system. With generous annual payments over a period of seven years, most customers can have their entire ground source or air source heating pump system paid for by the government. And all the while, your new renewable heating system could be saving you a huge amount on your current annual heating bill.
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside – Even when it’s below freezing outside, a ground source or air source heating pump can work efficiently. The clever technology that goes on inside the compressors and pumping systems ensure your home is kept warm to as low as -20°C!
  • A Garden That’s Even Greener – Make better use of your garden beyond just being a perfect BBQ spot with a ground source heating pump. Using the heat trapped in the ground as a source of heating will not only be more environmentally friendly than most traditional heating methods but will save you some green on your heating bill in the process.
  • Cool Down, Heat Up – Your gas boiler might be great at heating the water for your shower, but with the record-breaking hot summer’s that England has been having you might want a way to cool down too. Depending on your choice of air source pumps, some can actually work as a cooling system as well as a heating system for any-weather at home comfort.
  • Easy Install – Even if your home isn’t a new build, installing an air-source heating pump can be quick and efficient. The Trusted Energy Team know their way from air-source to solar and everything in between and will guide you on the best installation for your home. We also have a proven history of efficient, hassle free installations throughout the East Midlands.
  • Shrink Your Footprint – Your contribution to CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly with the right heating pump. Using renewable energy from the air or ground and with an efficiency of up to 400% you can have a clean & green conscience knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Cosy Not Cooking – Air source and ground source heating pumps are designed to gradually warm to a pleasant and cosy ambient room temperature rather than an ‘all-or-nothing’ style of heating that many traditional heating sources generate (we’re looking at you fossil fuels!).
  • Bye Bye Delivery Guy – If you’re using a fossil fuel such as oil or LPG for your heating needs, then storing the fuel and constantly having to arrange deliveries to stock up can be headache. Not only does it add to your heating costs, but it contributes to CO2 emissions.
  • Peace Of Mind – Trusted Energy Solutions are proud of the products we use. Many of our air source and ground source heating pump solutions have a 7-year warranty that’s a testament to the quality of the manufacturing. In addition, you can relax knowing the Trusted Energy Solution’s installers know exactly what they’re doing and will install on time with the least interruption to your schedule.
  • Forget About It – A simple and quick annual checkup is often all that is needed with a quality installation of an air source or ground source heating pump. The equipment is designed to last with minimal need for maintenance and carries less health risks than using conventional fossil fuel boilers. So, you can enjoy the warm with the worry.
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